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Calvin Clements grabs gold at Belgium Open

Bongkot Harimau fighter Calvin Clements has won the Belgium Open 2016 in the junior class.

The talented athlete of Bongkot Harimau defeated Netherlands and Switzerland on his way to gold in a hard final bout. Class J competitor Remi Grooten narrowly lost his finals in a strong performance against Singaporean Sheik Farhan bin Sheik Allau'ddin. Followed by Roland Goedhart and Kirsten Parengkuan who took home third place medals for Bongkot Groningen.


The Belgium Open 2016 was a succesfull event with Asian topathletes from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand including SEA games winners and worldchampions Mohd al Jufferi Jamari and Mohd Fauzi Khalid (Malaysia) and Singapore's Muhd nur Alfian Bin Juma'en.  

14 april 2016

Demo Pencak Silat Bongkot

Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen

MartiniPlaza Groningen



saturday 3 october 2015. Bongkot Harimau has won 4 medals at the 3 nations Pencak Silat Championships in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

Gold medal Calvin Clements, Raoul Clements, Remi Grooten

Silver medal Kirsten Parengkuan

Two other Dutch fighters also booked great succes at this international tournament with players from: Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Singapore and Malaysia.

Dang Nguyen (Merpati Putih) beats multiple worldchampion and SEA Games winner: Mohd Al Jufferi from Malaysia.

Sem Vellinga (Bongkot Friesland) defeats Malaysia’s Sobri in class H.

Op zondag 29 november zijn 4 Bongkot Harimau-leden gekroond tot Nederlands Kampioen 2015. De Groninger titels gingen naar:  Kirsten Parengkuan (uiterst links) Calvin en Raoul Clements en Remi Grooten.

Style Training: Bongkot Hamburg & Bongkot Berlin

Two Germany-based Bongkot schools have followed a style-graduation training in Groningen, Netherlands


On 12 September a delegation of 6 Bongkot Hamburg-pesilats came to Groningen to practice and expand their skills in Pencak Silat Bongkot. The styletraining was lead by Raoul de Thomis. One week later, 16 Bongkot Berlin participants at their turn travelled from Berlin to Groningen for an intensive trainingday. Bongkot Harimau Groningen is the central authority in the Bongkot style. Associated Bongkot clubs regularly train together to train and rehearse style forms and mandatory exercises.


Bongkot Berlin

Since 1 July 2015 Bongkot Berlin is officially acknowledge as a Bongkot division, after passing a one year timetrial. The Berlin based Bongkot branche is lead by trainer Ronny Müller. We congratulate Ronny and his team with the succesfull first phase of learning, introducing and starting up the Bongkot style in Berlin, Germany.


Want to train Pencak Silat Bongkot in Germany?

Hamburg: www.bongkot.de 

Berlin: www.sicuro-dojo-berlin.de


Kuala Lumpur. Bongkot Harimau Groningen fighter Remi Grooten has won the gold medal in class J defeating reigning multiple worldchampion Azrul from Malaysia by 4-1 in the finals.


Congratulations to our champ! 

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# training location: www.go4fitness.nl


Medal ceremony. Photo credits: npsb nederland - facebook
Medal ceremony. Photo credits: npsb nederland - facebook
Dutch team with president NPSB Netherlands and Indonesia's former topfighter Rony Saifullah
Dutch team with president NPSB Netherlands and Indonesia's former topfighter Rony Saifullah

Sea Games 2015

Seminar Silat Kuntao

March, 2015. Bongkot Harimau has joined an impressive two-day seminar in the Bruneian form of Kuntao Silat Suffian by master Maul Mornie. Kuntao is a form of practically apllicable self-defense. Hard, fast and effective. Aliran Bongkot Harimau inherets comparable Kuntao principles and patterns.

Nederland Pencak Silat wedstrijden


Het eerste Pencak Silat toernooi van het jaar, georganiseerd door de NPSB, vond op 8 maart plaats in Leeuwarden. Bongkot Harimau Groningen won driemaal goud en tweemaal zilver. Een uitstekende score. 


Calvin Clements (13) nam bij gebrek aan tegenstanders deel in de klasse junioren t/m 17 jaar. De jonge Clements zette een harde partij neer in de voorrondes en ging met verdiend zilver naar huis.




Raoul Clements         Goud

Kirsten Parengkuan   Goud

Calvin Clements        Zilver

Niek Huesken            Zilver

Jorden Zuidhof           -


Remi Grooten           Goud

WAKO IV: Fightclub Harimau

Pencak Silat Bongkot heeft op 1 maart in Hoogkerk deelgenomen aan het WAKO IV-tournament georganiseerd door Sportcenter Tapilatu ism WAKO Nederland. Bongkot vocht mee onder de vlag van Fightclub Harimau, een geslaagd initiatief van Go4Fitness eigenaar Tijn Baum Bletterman, die hiermee een samengesteld team van kickboksers en Pencak Silat-vechters presenteerde. 


Namens Pencak Silat Bongkot vochten Calvin en Raoul Clements, Andreas Valk, Emil Nuninga en Wim Tammenga in de categorie Continuous Fight. Hun opponenten kwamen van verschillende disciplines waaronder taekwondo, karate en kickboksen. Calvin Clements won brons in zijn klasse. Ook in het K1 tournament pakte Fightclub Harimau met vechters prijzen.

Namens Bongkot versterkten Eddy Clements en Richard Mulder het WAKO-scheidsrechters corps. Een dag die voor FightClub teammanager Tijn Baum Bletterman extra succesvol werd afgesloten met de winst van tweemaal goud voor zijn zoon Thom (van Sportcenter Tapilatu) in de klasse Continuous Fight -75kg en de categorie Forms.

Brons voor Calvin Clements tijdens WAKO IV - Continous Fight!

Worldchampionship 2015 Thailand

Two times bronze for Bongkot Harimau fighters Remi Grooten and Lesley Weessies at the World Championship Pencak Silat 2015, Phuket Thailand. Congratulations!


On sunday 2 november Bongkot Harimau participated in the anniversary of 35 years Kung Fu Bao Trieu by Sifu Earl Blijd. A celebration with several workshops including: Hong Ying Wuguan by teacher Mark Horton (http://www.hong-ying.org/), Pencak Silat by Johann Davids, Ashihara Karate by shihan Dave Jonkers, an impressive workout by current Georgian worldchampion kickboxing Davit Kiria (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXuddanQeRQ) and more. Also present in this sportive event: mr Faris Masih and his martial arts students from India.

photocredits: Rosan Clements

Karate Kyokushin Budo seminar

28 sept. Pencak Silat Bongkot Harimau joined the Day of Respect Budo Seminar, organised by karatemaster Joop Reilman. A day in honour of the late Karate teacher Wim Bregonje. Pencak Silat Bongkot and Kyokushinkai Karate Bregonje share an important piece of sporting history that goes way back to the early 60's.

Check: http://www.bongkot.net/bongkot/bongkot-history/


Sessions this day: Kyokushin and Shotokan karate, Pencak Silat and more; including a class lead by multiple muay thai kickboxing and knockout specialist (62 fights, 58 k.o) Martin van Emmen. 

Sabourin at Go4Fitness

Fourth dan karateman and multiple world champion Jamie Sabourin recently visited Go4Fitness Groningen and met Tijn Baum Bletterman, Juan Knoppel and Raoul de Thomis


On Saturday, June 18, 2014, all participants of the Bongkot branches Hamburg and Groningen passed their exam. Congratulations.

Team Thailand

Sea Games 2013

more sea games video > news archive


On 18 december 5 pre-juniors, 6 juniors and 2 seniors took part in a belt graduation exam. On  the 21st: 4 senior members underwent a strenuous test for brown and black belts. All graduates congratulations.

3 Generations

One style, one family

Lucien, Ruben, Raoul, Eddy, Calvin and Jaap Clements; Bongkot Harimau.



At the 18th Belgium Open Pencak Silat Championships Bongkot’s Lesley Weessies was awarded with the trophy for the Best Female Fighter. A great compliment for Weessies impressive performance in the finals against Vietnam. More gold for the Bongkot team came from youth players Cedric de Thomis and Kirsten Parengkuan.


Besides the three gold medals, Bongkot’s junior squad won two silver; one for Luna de Thomis and one for Nick Huesken in his first international appearance. Also Bongkot’s senior squad managed to win two silver medal. One by Emil Nuninga (class J) in a strong performance against worldchampion Abdul Azrullah from Malaysia. And one by Jordy Weessies (class H) who unluckily had to end his participation due to an injury, just before the finals against Indonesia.


The 18th Belgium Open Championship has once again proven to be a great international silat event thanks to the experienced organization, jury and the participation of sublime silat fighters from world class teams like Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.



  • Indonesia has won the overall trophy for Best Team Performance
  • The Best Male Fighter trophy was awarded to Mohd Aljufferi from Malaysia
  • More than 120 players from 11 countries took part in this edition of the Belgium Open, under which countries like United Kingdom, Germany, France, Surinam and host country Belgium.
  • More info: http://www.silatbelgium.be
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Best Team - Indonesia
Best Team - Indonesia
Top class Sapto Purnomo
Top class Sapto Purnomo
Hard fights, clever techniques
Hard fights, clever techniques
Best Male, Best Female
Best Male, Best Female
Youth class
Youth class




The Dutch Pencak Silat team has managed to grab two silver and one bronze medal in the 15th World Pencak Silat Championship, held this november in Chiang Rai-Thailand.

The three medal winners who represented the Dutch national team led by national team coach Johann Davids are Rion Rijker (bronze, class 85-90kg), Roy Schut (silver, class 90-95kg) and Lesley Weessies (silver, class 70-75kg). Jordy Weessies and Martijn Houwerzijl both lost their matches in the semis against Vietnam. All are members of Bongkot Harimau, trained and managed by Raoul de Thomis.


Two other Dutch team members, Samantha van Roosenbeek (55-60kg, member of Satria Muda) and Jeroen Oostema (70-75kg, member of Perisai Diri) made a good first impression on the world stage, despite losing their matches against Brunei and Singapore.


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Silat in Surinam
Silat in Surinam

July 2006, Surinam. Bongkot trainer Johann Davids providing Pencak Silat training for a group of Surinam pesilats at the central training-location of the Sana Budaya-cultural foundation in Paramaribo.


December 2011 - Three pesilats of Bongkot Harimau have competed in a trial with team Bali players from Bhakti Negara in Denpasar.


Pencak Silat is Indonesia's national art of selfdefence. Bongkot means: root, the beginning of everything. This style is created by the late Henri de Thomis. Bpk de Thomis has bundled practical values, a selection silat styles and Kuntao to a modern art of selfdefence. Bongkot is officially acknowledged by IPSI and Persilat.

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