‘I don’t call myself a guru, people call me guru. A guru who calls himself guru has much left to learn.'

‘Even though old fashioned masters strike me with a lot of thunder because they think I am too modern, I feel content about my style. I don’t define others. I think: you have to keep on learning, because standing still is going backwards. My son will do it in a different way and that’s fine with me.’


'If the will and the spirit is there, different martial arts can live together in mutual respect.’

'First try your mouth and than all of your bodyparts God has given. Keep your hands off the weapon. The police is to serve the community and you don’t serve the community with a weapon.’

‘Silats biggest challenge is creating unity. Even though unity in diversity (bhinneka tunggal ika) can bring power, Pencak Silats’ struggle is the fact that no one is willing to share, they are so afraid to lose something to one other. This fear has to be conquered, in order to make silat big.'

‘Pencak is such a hard and devastating play that in normal life it should only be used as an emergency brake.'

'What they show in matches is only 30 percent of the total amount of techniques.'

‘You don’t have to answer for what you are thinking, but what you are doing. I severely hope they never have to use the emergency brake called Pencak Silat.'
‘It’s not the style, it’s the man who creates.'

‘Life is hard, my life has been hard…I want my students to become strong and balanced people and if that means that i have to be hard on them, I certainly won’t hesitate to do so.’

 ‘Never forget the origins of Pencak Silat, that is Indonesia.’       


Henri de Thomis 12/03/‘25 – 20/01/‘93